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Post  Max on Sun May 17, 2015 2:02 am

"The situation is reminiscent of the case Maddie McCann" For two weeks, there is no trace to Inga (5).

The "Initiative for Missing Children" advises the police in the search for the presumably kidnapped girls - and criticized cumbersome structures.

This photo police is searching for the five-year Inga
and asks for instructions on phone 03931/68 52 91 or via the 110

The case of the missing Inga are the investigators puzzled: Thousands helpers helicopter with thermal imaging cameras, investigators and sniffer dogs have so far found no trace to the five year-old girl who disappeared at a barbecue at Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt just under two weeks ago. The police assumes a kidnapping. The "Initiative for Missing Children" will help the investigators in the public search for the little blond girl. Lars Bruhns, 34, has extensive experience with searching for missing children . But this case is unusual, says the chairman of the association.

Die Welt: Mr. Bruhns, the search for Inga has been running for two weeks. The police have still no trace. Do you still have hope?

Lars Bruhn: That's really unusual. In other cases, clothing is often found, has anyone seen anything. Inga seems to have actually disappeared. The situation is reminiscent of Maddie McCann , the then three year old British girl who disappeared from the apartment her parents in Portugal in 2007 ...

Die Welt: ... and was still not found. They are so pessimistic?

Bruhns: We can not even say for sure if it's actually a kidnapping. But if so, then you have to wonder what it is about the perpetrator. From ransom demands are unknown. This makes sexual abuse more likely. In these cases, the children are dead, unfortunately, often within a few hours. The perpetrator wants to cover up his act. But in any case we must not give up hope. The perpetrators are often people from the local environment, such as in the case of Mirco from Grefrath of 2010.

Die Welt: This was the biggest search operation in the history of the Federal Republic. What have you learned from this case?

Bruhns: The ten-year was driven to a skate park and not returned in the evening. The family noticed until the next morning. The police were after a short time with 1,000 operatives on the ground, even Tornado fighter of the were used in the search. But public manhunt started a day later. Then immediately reported to a witness who saw a car that pulled up beside Mirco, and the car also was able to describe exactly. Using this information the perpetrator was found. The boy was at this time, however, already dead.

Die Welt: Had the public investigation should rather take?

Bruhns: Absolutely. Such cases show that sometimes it arrives on a single witness - and in particular to the time factor. I was at a meeting in Sydney. A police officer from the Netherlands who works in a special unit for missing children and also took part in the conference, looked at me aghast and asked why his colleagues knew nothing of the case. Grefrath is located a few kilometers from the Dutch border. As for the search of missing children, we need to learn a lot from our neighbours.

Die Welt: For example?

Bruhns: The Netherlands and Poland have set up about their own special commissions, which concerns itself exclusively with the search of missing children. In Poland, the unit is at the highest police headquarters, similar to the German Federal Criminal Police Office, settled. Consisting of 20 police officers and two Operational Heads. On monitors constantly have an overview of all missing children in the country. What makes a difference, we have seen last month in the case of Maja.

Die Welt: The ten year-old girl from Poland who was abducted by car?

Bruhns: Yes. The Special Commission triggered for the first time the alarm on the Quick Search Facility "Child Alert" from: In all Polish media immediately ran manhunt pictures and treadmills across the screens. Because Maja two kilometers was kidnapped in front of the German border, the investigators asked the German colleagues for help. The course sent Los patrol car, but once initiated a not a public investigation. All of Poland was on alert, but here no one knew about it. In the evening around 19 clock the German police then held a press conference in Anklam. Since there are opportunities for optimization.

Die Welt: What calls your initiative?

Bruhns: The police need automated processes, a direct channel to the public and private media. Manhunts public must be initiated within a few hours. The Netherlands, for example, have a lot of digital billboards on highways. The work then to automatically and show the child, possibly a vehicle, a license plate, all the information that you have, in a nutshell. In England all the postmen are: The get the info in case of an alarm on their equipment played. In Belgium makes McDonald's with: showing the information on all the screens in their stores. So everyone is asked to keep their eyes open. The German police has arrived far behind.

Die Welt: Is there not also determining tactical reasons which are not always a public manhunt is proclaimed immediately?

Bruhns: All previous studies have shown that public manhunt pressure does not cause that the offender commits an irrational act and the child would have been injured or killed. Either the child was dead already at the time when the investigation was initiated, or it could be saved, because a witness had reported. The higher the wanted pressure, the more likely undermine the offender error. A few hours can decide whether a child stays alive or not.

Die Welt: Was the police in case Inga not fast enough?

Bruhns: you can not make a direct accusation of the police, it is subject to the federal system. For such alleged kidnapping cases in which often the difference between life and death a few hours, are missing in Germany so far the corresponding structures. It has thus unfortunately a little time until all possibilities have been exhausted. We have approached the first week of the investigators and have made ​​the proposal to draw up a unified search Page: . If Facebook is difficult to privacy, which is why we have designed a website, converge on the search information. In addition, we have brought digital advertising at stations into play now since Tuesday manhunt pictures on 300 big screens in 19 towns run by Inga.

Die Welt: Many parents pursue the search with great concern and wonder how they can protect their own children even better. What would you advise them?

Bruhns: I hear again often the suggestion that we should each child put on a GPS-trailer. I think that's fatal. You can not monitor permanently his child. We have previously stayed away also times longer and then scolded. That is part of a normal development process. I recommend parents to enroll children in sports club to help them learn to assert themselves in the group. Even Safe children are strong children. In all cases where children have escaped a suspected abduction, they have fought back, verbally and physically. Younger children can give to a whistle, which they are to use in an emergency. This is simple and effective. In older children, of course, is a mobile phone a certain security. But absolute security can not exist.

Who can give information about the missing child, should contact the police station Stendal by phone 03931/68 52 91 or to any other police station or the 110.

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Post  bb1 on Sun May 17, 2015 11:30 am

All common sense suggestions, Max.

Poor little girl - I hope she can still be found alive and well.


Few will weep tears for Amaral, seeing an angry man locked up in his own bitter and baseless theories
. -Neil Tweedie, Daily Mail, of the McCanns' tormentor Gonzo.
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Slayer of scums

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Post  lily on Sun May 17, 2015 2:20 pm

Please let her be found alive and well.
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Post  Pedro Silva on Sun May 17, 2015 3:31 pm

My friends, your words are mine.
Pedro Silva
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