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Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

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Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

Post  Pedro Silva on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:41 pm

My friends, this was taken from:
Pedro Silva
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Slayer of scums

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Re: Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

Post  bb1 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:07 pm

The family’s Portuguese lawyer, Rogério Alves, tells Stellar it was a “serious mistake’’ by the police to name the McCanns as suspects.
“Later on, the main officer of the Judicial Police testified that it had been a mistake to have those suspicions about them and make them become defendants. There was nothing in the file that could sustain the incrimination. The inquiry finished and the public prosecutor decided there was nothing against them.’’
Despite this, the McCanns have been subjected to a vicious decade-long campaign of abuse, much of it on social media.

A study by England’s University of Huddersfield earlier this year found that the McCanns were still bombarded with an average of 150 critical messages a day, every day, posted on Twitter, Facebook and various online message boards.

That should set the hate squad off again.

Oh wait, what's this?

The McCanns sued him for libel, but after three court cases the Portuguese courts this year dismissed their case. But by then the former cop’s career and health were destroyed, his fledgling security consultancy failed to take off, his book was pulped and he was out of money.

It most certainly was NOT pulped, that is plain and simply wrong - all unsold copies were returned to Gonzo long ago.

“He was an odd guy. He had a glass eye and he lived 50 metres to 100 metres from the villa. He became a suspect because an English journalist thought he was strange,’’ Godinho explains.

Murat doesn't have a glass eye..... confused


Few will weep tears for Amaral, seeing an angry man locked up in his own bitter and baseless theories
. -Neil Tweedie, Daily Mail, of the McCanns' tormentor Gonzo.
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Slayer of scums

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Re: Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

Post  lily on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:11 am

Fake news?
Slayer of scums
Slayer of scums

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Re: Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

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